Raving Clients

“At the last retreat I attended with Shannon, I learned about refining my content to support my purpose and capture my intended audience. I also discovered how to be consistent with content through giving tons of value while building my audience. During the retreat, there wasn’t one activity that did not support the next. My favorite activity was a deep dive into the “Are You a Thought Leader” exercise. As a result of working with Shannon, I have written out my ideal client in detail—and I am meeting my ideal clients daily! I have eliminated the marketing activities that do not serve my personality, and I have refined my coaching process and schedule. If you are looking to attend a transformative experience that will change your life and your business, M. Shannon Hernandez has created a modern day Morse Code with her unique style and content—and she is guiding entrepreneurs to break that code and create Marketing Magic!”

Meshell Baker

“When I signed up for the Business & Alignment Retreat with Shannon, I was looking someone to help me with a system or plan for running my business, without feeling burned out or overwhelmed. One of the most helpful sessions in the retreat was when we learned about our business pipelines. I’ve created many business “funnels” and have never quite connected with it as much as I did the pipeline. Since attending the retreat and working with Shannon, I have a solid plan of what to focus on and where to extend my energy in business. This has allowed me to create more custom content and align my actions with the business goals I’ve set. If you have been thinking about attending a retreat hosted by Shannon, go! You’ll receive just what Shannon promises—and so much more! She is highly committed to making sure that the action you take, the content you create, and the brand you share with the world are aligned with the calling in your soul.”

KeeKee Cornelious

“I loved the Get Your Book Off The Ground Course. I enrolled in it because I wanted to learn how to write a book about my specialty so I could brand myself better in my niche. Shannon outlined each step beautifully. The thought of writing a book can be overwhelming, but Shannon breaks the pieces down into bite-sized chunks and really helps you see your entire book and vision coming together in a cohesive fashion. If you are thinking about working with Shannon in any capacity, know this: Shannon is FABULOUS! She is an incredible content strategist and coach to have in your corner. You will never be disappointed by any class you take or service she offers.”

Monique Cunningham

“During book coaching, Shannon first helped me settle my thoughts and focus on a book theme that was aligned with my brand and purpose. She continued to provided meaningful feedback and insightful questions that provoked a deeper commitment to my writing. Shannon helps you put pen to paper and write a book that will impact your audience from the moment they pick it up.” Tomay Douglas

“I hired Shannon to help me write my new book, Adventures with The Pet Lady. Our coaching together helped get me on the right track, create a framework for the book, and understand my audience and the book’s theme and purpose. She is extremely skilled in this arena, and I highly recommend her to other aspiring writers!” Dana Humphrey

“Shannon helped me to articulate and organize my blogging ideas into an actionable strategy. She worked with me to prioritize my posts, and then we strategized on generating content that would build an audience. She was a ninja when it came to accountability: you won’t find anyone else who pushes you to sit down and do the writing, submit it,  and then do it all over again. I appreciated how she walked me through her suggestions rather than simply editing my work–all with the aim to make me a stronger and more engaging writer for my brand.” Jessica Faith

“Shannon helped me overcome my feeling of overwhelm when it came to blogging and developing a strategy for my two brands. She is very practical, straight to the point, and highly efficient. Because of her help, I am now able to plan my content for months in advance! I have learned so much about writing online content–and making sure it matches my brand voice and reaches my audience.” Ilaria Cavagna

“If anyone can bring out your best marketing writer, it is Shannon! I had a couple of projects that I was working on, and they needed a special marketing touch. I didn’t want them to be sales-y or smarmy. Shannon’s class taught me the psychological basis for why people buy. I was able to take this information and incorporate it into my sales pages.” Jasmine Cianflone

“As a B&B owner, I needed guidance on how to create content that would bring in revenue and growth for my business. I was looking for someone to help me pull at the patch-worked pieces together into a strategy without the overwhelm. Shannon provided me with all of this—plus with so much more. I left the content strategy day with blog and newsletter themes for three months out, as well as keywords and tags to use when blogging. I now also realize that being authentic and giving a face and voice to my brand is what draws guests to my B&B.” Kristine Guido

“I booked a content strategy day with Shannon, who is a professional and whose expertise in developing a content strategy is unparalleled in depth. Shannon listened to my inner needs and struggles, and then helped me shape my ideas into actionable tasks. I left the session with a custom content strategy plan for each of my business goals. If you want to establish long-term success in your business, you will benefit tremendously from one Shannon’s private sessions.” Anna Royzman

“I wasn’t sure that I needed a content strategist when I ran across Shannon online. But I changed my mind after having a strategy session with her. In just a short time, I could see how working with Shannon would take my blog to the next level. In fact, after working with Shannon for two months, my traffic went up by 21%! She is professional and very competent, yet warm and friendly. I highly recommend having Shannon as your content partner!” Sue Anne Dunlevie

“I contacted Shannon because I needed the words to express the somewhat abstract nature of my business. Because of my content strategy coaching with Shannon, I have written my mission statement, improved my website copy, laid out group programs, submitted articles to trade journals, and revived my monthly newsletter campaigns. I now have content that can be repurposed, and I’ve found my voice once again in my business. Shannon gives extremely useful feedback, in a timely manner, and tons of encouragement.” Theresa Venezia

“I contacted Shannon because I needed help with organizing my thoughts and words to prepare and present a quality presentation to my audiences. Shannon gently walked me through the process of laying out an engaging, organized presentation. My events have been a huge success because of Shannon’s help and guidance. If you are stuck in getting your message across to your audience, stop trying to figure it out yourself. Maximize your strengths, but get help where you are weak. Shannon is gifted in her craft and working with her has helped me to excel in my own craft.”

Tasha Scott

“I contacted Shannon to get help using an editorial calendar so I could schedule and organize all of my writing projects. She helped me create a writing theme for each month and taught me how to repurpose article content with each of my projects. This was valuable advice! Because of our work together, I have created a roadmap to writing success. Shannon believes in her client’s abilities to accomplish their writing goals and is a cheerleader for her clients.” Randi Martin

“Shannon offers nothing less than the best of everything. Shannon has been such an encouragement to me, by helping me find the writer within and finding my true voice in delivering my message to those who needed to hear it, and not just in my business, but in my personal life too. She has a unique way of helping anyone who’s gun shy behind a pen, find their way around their chosen writing medium. Whether it’s in the the arts, blog writing, or a simple business letter, Shannon will give you the tools needed to produce something amazing for your readers.” Sherries Pritchard

“I contacted Shannon because I was looking for help with my editorial calendar and overall blog strategy. Shannon met me where I was, gave me practical suggestions to get me fueled up for writing, and worked with me to develop concrete, actionable goals. If you are looking for someone who has a comfortable, supportive coaching style, I recommend Shannon because she takes time to understand your needs, offering practical suggestions that move you forward and help you grow your capability to communicate authentically with your audience.”

Nancy O'Toole

“I contacted Shannon because I knew I needed to start a blog for my business, but was apprehensive–I know what kind of a commitment managing a blog takes. I needed a simple, realistic solution to not make this such an overwhelming and dreadful process. Immediately after speaking with her, I set up my editorial calendar. The following day, I wrote the first draft of my blog, and the day after that, I edited and formatted it. After publishing and sharing on the third day, I’ve had several high quality comments (on my website and LinkedIn) and have gained several new newsletter subscribers. Shannon made this process painless, and I actually felt triumphant! As a writing coach, Shannon understood what I was going through and knew exactly what I needed: a little organizational guidance and an attitude adjustment in order to turn the creation of a blog into a pleasant experience instead of a dreadful necessity.” Jessica Lohmann

“I signed up for the Business & Life Alignment Retreat because I was looking for clarity in how to define my business and align my core values in life with it—without losing my voice. Shannon provided a safe space to tap into our authentic selves and explore what was not working in our lives and businesses—and why. She magically did this without passing judgment, but rather helped us translate our understandings and discoveries to our lives and businesses. Since working with Shannon, I have gained clarity around what was misaligned in my business and my life. Both are now thriving! If you are looking for an experience that will change how you look at yourself and how you view your business, attend a Writing Whisperer retreat. You should also be open and ready for the challenges that arise when you take your business to the next level. And finally, know that you will walk away refreshed and energized to do anything you put your heart and mind to!”

L Tomay Douglas

“I must be honest here: When I signed up for a retreat with The Writing Whisperer, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was just looking to connect with some powerful women who could relate to the struggles and wins of being an entrepreneur. Shannon is fantastic at facilitating discussion, and I most valued her openness and honesty. Everything we talked about—from our successes to our failures—was totally unfiltered. This allowed me to get down to core issues of what’s been holding me back without leaving me feeling like a failure. Working with Shannon has left me with such clarity. I finally feel like I’m headed in the direction that is purposeful and aligned with my passion—one which will allow me to live life fully by doing what I love most, while being profitable! Nothing beats figuring out your purpose in life. If you feel like you deserve it all—a great life, the freedom to follow your passion, financial security, being absolutely in love with who you are, and surrounding yourself with a circle of people who will love and appreciate you—I would sign up immediately for the next Writing Whisperer retreat.”

Abeki Carter

“As a young company, I was seeking advise on how best to capitalize and utilize my social media platforms. In addition, I was interested in learning how to blog effectively and how to create a template to pitch my business to magazines. I am now pitching myself confidently to various publications. Shannon will help you understand where you are as a business owner and works within your comfort level, so that you receive information you can use right away!” Loretta Lester

“Shannon provides such excellent resources and tools for business owners who need to understand how to make all the content work together across multiple platforms. She is a straight-shooter and helps you set goals and get stuff done! Because of my work with Shannon, I am no longer afraid of Twitter, I understand how to make content work for my business, and most importantly, I have so much confidence in what I am now able to do. Work with Shannon—you won’t regret it!” Susan Jacobs

“I enrolled in one of Shannon’s classes and was looking for some tips to tweak a sales page for a coaching program I was offering. Shannon taught the class a structured formula, as well as some do’s and don’ts, that were very helpful. I learned that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and it’s wise to listen and learn from an expert. Shannon’s classes are very interactive and helpful.” Randi Martin

“The Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia was looking for a new speaker in our industry who could help small business owners understand the importance of blogging in their overall marketing strategy. Shannon came to the conference early, spent time with our B&B owners and really took the time to understand their unique struggles, wants, and needs. So, when it was time to present, our Innkeepers trusted her. We knew that Shannon would be a great presenter, but we were blown away when she spoke the “innkeeper” talk during her presentation! Shannon takes the time to learn what attendees want and need, and she is a huge “value add” to any conference.” Amy Hagar

“Shannon is responsive, positive, and a good listener! She helped me clarify and organize my thoughts for the guidebook, and I now feel much more confident in my writing. She worked with me collaboratively, so that we could capture exactly what I wanted the guidebook to encompass, without going in a different direction that what I had envisioned. I appreciated this aspect of working with her the most.” Arlene Kaplan

“Shannon recently spoke about content marketing and blogging at The Grid. We have actively been working to expand our social media and blogging outreach as business owners. Shannon gave our members concise action steps for how to start blogging, including data on the best times to post, how to formulate titles, and which keywords to use. She is an articulate speaker, well-versed in content marketing, and her presentation was extremely motivating and interesting!” Amy Bergman Bonomi

“During the online course I took with Shannon, it was apparent how much enthusiasm she brings to her classes—it is infectious! She provides thoughtful and detailed feedback on the coursework, and also gives her students a mass of resources to be successful in their own writing careers. I now have a much clearer picture of what a career in copywriting looks like. If you are looking for a great course with a fun and knowledgeable instructor, take one of Shannon’s courses. The live calls are invaluable as a student!” Becky Chapple

“I contacted Shannon because I had just gone through a rebrand for my business and I was getting ready to re-launch my 12-week on-line program. I needed to take my copy to the next level and ensure I was getting my message across to my audience. Shannon’s strategic advice around my email campaigns and webinar was invaluable. She helped me keep my message concise and she knows how to create effective learning materials. As a result of working with Shannon, I had a successful launch and attracted new clients as well! Shannon is responsive, passionate, strategic, and supportive. She’s a great partner to have by your side in your business.” Kim Chernecki

“I contacted Shannon because I was looking for an overall content strategy that would align with my services and brand. Shannon provided clarity—she was able to pull my millions of ideas together in a cohesive way. I now have a clear vision and feel empowered to execute the content strategy we worked on together. Shannon is a content rock star! She will help you brainstorm ideas and create a strategy to move your business forward.”

Regina D'Alesio

“Shannon is a powerful leader in so many different ways. She’s warm and welcoming, creates a safe place in which people can comfortably share wherever they happen to be on in their individual journeys, and she helps them move forward with ease. I very much enjoyed the writing retreat and look forward to the next one she offers.” Anastacia Brice

“The Writing Whisperer has helped restore my sanity by teaching me how to use an editorial calendar for my business. First, social media was a huge monkey on my back. It’s too much for one person to do. Too many platforms. Too much content. And secondly, the editorial calendar has helped me promote my company where my clients are located. It helped me organize my content so I can use one piece of content in multiple places. Regardless of the platform, I can be where my target clients are. Thank you Shannon! ” Ariane Fisher

“M. Shannon Hernandez is awesome! You’ve got to connect with her! I reached out to Shannon for a Power Coaching Hour.  I needed help getting over my fear of not writing well and believing that nobody would want to read what I write about. I valued the support Shannon gave me with her honesty, encouragement, and easy-to-implement steps. Shannon’s advice is working in my writing life!”

Beatrice Ten-Thye

“I first met Shannon when she was leading a workshop in Baltimore, Maryland. There was something about the way she spoke, the way she got her points across, her way of being that really resonated with me. After speaking with her several times during that workshop, I walked away with many different ideas about how I could develop my writing in ways that would help my business. Several weeks later, I contacted Shannon for just one coaching session. In just one session, Shannon made me excited to write again and helped me formulate a plan for making my blog posts much more interesting. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and write. I am happy to report that writing is something I now look forward to each day, rather than something that needs to be handled each month. I can’t wait to see what my future sessions with The Writing Whisperer will uncover!” Tracie Shoyer

“Shannon has increased my knowledge in writing, helped me find my words, and given me tons of practical tips to help me along the way. Not only has my confidence in myself, as well as my writing ability increased, but the way I am now interacting socially with others on the internet via social media and in the writing world has improved as well. I have a blog I am proud of, and I also can now offer writing as an additional service for my clients! The best thing about coaching with Shannon is that she CARES and has a deep passion to help others succeed.” Rebekah Quintana

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