You know the dreaded feeling, right? You have writing deadlines to meet. You must keep current with your blogging. Your next newsletter is to be sent tomorrow. You promised yourself it would be different this time.

Of course you know what must get done in your writing life, but you seem to be in a rut. Perhaps you are out of topics? Or maybe you are out of time? Or it’s a beautiful day outside, and you’d rather do ANYTHING other than write.

We’ve all been there. And yes, writing ruts are normal, even for those of us who write for a living. I’d like to share with you 5 methods I use when I am stuck in a writing rut.

 5 Ways to Get Inspired to Write

 #1 – READ

All writers need to spend time reading the words of others. Through reading, we are exposed to other writer’s ideas, new writing styles, and fresh content that may inspire us in ways we don’t even realize. You never know where the next idea for your writing might be hiding.


I am a creature of habit, but sometimes I just need to break free and change my setting. Do you generally write in your office? Then try going to a local cafe or writing from your sofa. Are you a morning writer? Perhaps an evening writing session should be scheduled. Always write with music? Try writing in silence and see what transpires. If you are a journal and pen writer, maybe drafting on the computer will trigger some fresh ideas.


When is the last time you sat still, gazed out the window, and allowed yourself to daydream? It is therapeutic. It unlocks creativity because your mind is at rest. {Did you just see that cardinal that landed on the windowsill?!}


One of my favorite writing exercises, which I use for both myself and my clients, is what I call “brain dump.” Have a topic in mind, but not sure how to narrow it down or it seems a little fuzzy and unclear? Try a brain dump!

Here’s how it works. Set your writing timer for 3-5 minutes. Get out a piece of paper and write down EVERY SINGLE IDEA that comes to your mind. Don’t think about it, just write. Don’t be neat. Don’t erase. Just get your ideas onto the paper. When the timer buzzes, take a look at what you produced. I guarantee you will be thrilled with the results.


Exercise is scientifically proven to help you focus. It also helps you live longer. That’s what I call a win-win writing situation! Go for a run. Do some yoga. Take a hike. Pump some iron. Dance. Do whatever form of exercise you enjoy and be ready to be refueled  when you pick up that pen again.



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