Nathan Ohren, host of the powerhouse #JournalTalk Podcast, invited me for an interview on his talk show. Throughout the interview, we shared lots of laughs, friendly banter, and dove deep into how journaling helped me ditch my career as a teacher and start a life anew! I didn’t hold back…

Before you listen to the interview, I’ll whet your appetite with some of the inspiring tweets Nathan wrote after our #JournalTalk interview. I soooo appreciated these as they came through my Twitter feed–because he really has a knack for pulling out key pieces of information and building interest–in under 140 characters at that!

Nathan Ohren (@Write4LifeCoach) Knows How To Build Interest with Tweets!

If any of these tweets piqued your interest, I invite you to hop on over to the home of #JournalTalk and take a listen to my interview with Nathan. And while you are there, take a look around at all the other wonderful people he has interviewed for his podcast show, as well as the journaling courses he offers. I’m sure you will find plenty of interest on his website!